Project Development

— Why Choose Solwave

Why Solwave for your rooftop?

No Capital Invesment
Pay As You Consume
Quality Experience
Save Energy Cost

Our integrated business model also increases capital efficiency. We are able to offset project fundings requirements through economic benefits generated by our EPC and O&M businesses. With good financing strategy we are able to optimize the overall cost of capital leading to enhanced economics for our customers and shareholders. Our strong track record and relationships with local banks offer us significant advantages .
We Design, Engineer, Construct, Operate and Maintain the solar plant for the project lifetime. Our integrated profile affords us greater control over project development, construction and operation to deliver hassle-free and quality experience to our customers.
Our customers pay only for the units that the solar plant generates as We offer energy at predictable fixed prices. You do not even have to worry about maintenance cost.
You do not have to make any capital investment. We provide the capital, you get the electricity.